Are Happy Endings Legal In The US?

Happy ending massages are often seen on television or talked about, but these massages are often never advertised.

Within the United States, strict laws against prostitution have wording that essentially makes the practice illegal in most states. In fact, Nevada is the only state that allows prostitution, but there are many counties within the state that do not allow prostitution. As such, it is very complicated to know where a rub and tug is allowed.

Defining Happy Ending Massages

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A happy ending massage is, essentially, a massage where a person is massaged as normal, the session ends with physical masturbation provided to the client by the therapist. This practice is often done on males, but there are some parlors that also provide a happy ending option for female clients.

A rub and tug, however, will be provided to men only.

It must be noted that these massages often do not end with anything besides masturbation using a person’s hands. Some may provide more in terms of sexual activity and pleasure, but this is not the norm.

Where Happy Endings Are Legal Within the US

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Since the United States prohibits prostitution in most cases, you’re probably wondering where you can legally get these massage deals. In essence, there are a lot of illegal operations that will provide this service under what is called a pleasure massage or an Asian experience. However, if you are present when a raid takes place by the police, you may be arrested.

There are, currently, only two states that allow this practice and one is merely a loophole.


Las Vegas is the city of gambling, prostitutes and lax laws. However, you cannot get this type of nude massage legally within the city of Las Vegas. While Nevada does allow prostitution and massages of this manner, many counties do not allow the practice. The following counties in Nevada have banned prostitution:

  • Clark County
  • Washoe County
  • Carson City
  • Douglas County
  • Lincoln County

It should also be noted that street prostitution is illegal. You are not allowed to take any services within the state if it is not from a legal operation, such as a brothel or massage parlor.


Vermont is in a very grey area at the moment. As of 2014, the law is such that prostitution is legal within the state, but this is a mere loophole. Legislators do not want to allow the practice, but the one phrasing that states: “oral sex and intercourse” is not allowed. As you can see, this phrasing does not say anything about masturbation as would be seen with a happy ending.

Currently, there is a huge influx of Asian parlors opening their doors in the state.

If you do attempt to get this type of massage in Vermont, ensure that the law has not changed first.

Where the Rub and Tug Originated

Erotic massages can be traced back thousands of years. While the date of origin may never be known, there is one area where most people associate the practice: Asia. Typically, these massages, as seen in America, occur at Asian parlors. Therapists from Korea and China are among the most popular in this practice.

The Philippines is another country that performs erotic massages that will end with masturbation.

Hints That the Service is Offered

Since the practice is mostly illegal, hints are often thrown to clients during a massage. These hints will vary greatly, but it is very rare for the service to be offered in any other manner. A few hints that you should look out for are:

  • Thigh Massages: If a thigh massage is offered, it is often an indicator that the parlor allows happy endings.
  • Full Massage: Another indicator that a massage may end erotically.
  • Naked Massage: Most parlors will not perform a naked massage. Those parlors that do offer a naked massage will often include a little more for their clients.

A pleasure parlor is another name for a parlor that provides erotic massages. You will never want to ask for one of these services unless you want the massage therapist to run the other way. Many parlors will also call the local authorities if they are asked for anything beyond a regular massage.

Legal Definition

One of the hardest things to prove is that a happy ending massage was solicited. Essentially, two consenting adults are allowed to have sexual intercourse. The legal terminology is such that a therapist may perform a massage and sexual contact may exist. The defining moment that makes a massage illegal is when the ending is a result of a payment. If a client pays for a massage and they receive a little surprise at the end free of charge, this is not illegal since no payments were exchanged.

Many massage therapists will work independently and go back to a hotel with their clients. In this case, it is also very difficult for law enforcement to prove that true prostitution took place, or in this case, money exchanged for masturbation.

The short answer is that in all but two states it is illegal for a person to receive or give a happy ending. In one of the two states (Nevada), it is only semi-legal to get an erotic massage. A major factor is the exchange of money for the specific service of masturbation. If a massage does end with an unexpected ending but no money was exchanged and both parties consented, it is a very difficult area for law enforcement to enforce.