Hot stone massage is a massage therapy that uses the temperature of the stone combined with pressure when massaging. The stone used comes from volcanic lava that can retain heat for a long time, is polished smooth, soaked in water and heated to a suitable temperature.

When performing this massage therapy, hot stones will be placed on acupressure points, affecting the human body in the form of extremely small waves, based on the temperature difference to increase energy in the body. .

In many cases, stones are coated with essential oils and used to massage the entire body. Among them, the back, legs, arms, and feet are often the parts that are most often cared for with oiled hot stones.



stone massage

The health benefits of hot stone massage have been proven over time. From the West to the East, this is considered a safe and effective whole-body treatment solution.

Impacts on the nervous system to relax, reduce stress, create a feeling of comfort and pleasure. Balances psychology, reduces stress, tension, fatigue and treats some bone and joint diseases.

For Who?

Hot stone massage for men and women of different ages. When you feel tired, sluggish, or stressed, body and foot massage will be a great therapy to help you get rid of that.

stone massage

Service Price List

Service Price List

Massage at home and hotel room
You can choose employees
  • 60 min: 430.000
  • 90 min: 580.000
  • 120 min: 780.000

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